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Thursday, October 17, 2013

La Caixa Mortgages: three points for your product

La Caixa as cash is the best in the world and the strongest in Spain , diversified mortgage products as well talk about them pros .

La Caixa Mortgages pros

The mortgage loans called mortgage these days are more complicated than usual for problems caused by the crisis and factors as surplus property by defaults and foreclosures.

La Caixa offers mortgages with three strong points in its favor as interest rate to choose according to their preferences , fixed or variable.

You have a period of reduced fee paying interest only for 36 months and 24 subsequently distributed throughout the mortgage period called open mortgage .

Besides being able to choose between three types of mortgage loans, as the interest rate or fee.

In the Caixa we find a good option for mortgage subrogation housing developments financed by the state, because with the subrogation of the same will avoid the costs of search and creation of a new mortgage , appraisal costs , notary fees and agency , plus taxes constitution .

Subrogation should have the lowest market interest offered by any entity creditor change between 0 % and 1% on the outstanding principal .
Mortgages and recommendations

When hiring any type of mortgage , consult several banks taking time before taking any decision because the concepts and interests vary in coverage and timing.

Also by law today in Spain at any time you can renegotiate the mortgage with another bank with the sole problem of paying for the interest on the mortgage contract by way of subrogation.

The loan calculations either the Caixa or any other entity are based on the value of money that marks the Euribor which should make some , we recommend reviewing the best time to talk to the entity to be with better facilities .

The best deal you can find in any bank at the time of signing a mortgage is to purchase a building he owned and that have surpluses , to which put the best facilities in the market.

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