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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spanish Bank credit : most interesting features and products

Banesto ( Banco Credit Spanish ) is ranked number three among the largest Spanish banks , having located its headquarters in Madrid (Avenida Gran Via de Hortaleza number 4) , and a total workforce of 6,093 employees spread across its offices , branches and companies.

Banesto Services

Banesto offers its services divided into three blocks as Banesto individuals, companies and Broker Banesto . Starting with :

Private Banesto

payroll Accounts
Credit cards / debit
Pension Plans
Banesto fidelity

Banesto companies

investment Services
external trade
Market analysis

Among the many services and financial products Banesto , you can highlight your payroll account as a gift offered to hire the service , a Sony 3D Internet TV of 32 inches.

The basic conditions to qualify for the gift offered with Banesto payroll account , logically payroll debit and three major bills or hiring a loan or a bank deposit term .

These types of promotions are released during a certain time or while supplies last , though the payroll account promotions are usually changing their offers and gifts on a regular basis .
Banesto Financial Products

Banesto put on the market various financial products such as term deposits . One of these is the tank Tablet PC , which is paid with a wi - fi iPad 3G for a fixed term of 18 months ( payment of interest in kind , not cash ) .

The Internet Banking Service of Banesto , offers a good condition Banesnet term deposits for one, two or six months, from 600 euros and a maximum of 50,000 euros ( to June 2011 ) , for clients that hire exclusively from the internet .

In paragraph Mortgages Banesto time offer the possibility of up to 30 years duration to purchase a home, with different modalities such as variable rate mortgage or fixed rate mortgage .

The bank Banesto, through its online platform , offers its clients a insurance comparator support online, in order to find the most suitable policy to the profile of each new policyholder

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