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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Where to get a coin counter ?

Coin counters and ticket machines are in many companies are essential in their work and to which we will devote a few minutes to learn more about them and Where to get them? .

Types and operations performed

There in the current market coin counting in this case the counter and sorter euro currency banknotes and counterfeit detector .

Let's talk about currency counters counters are divided into more complex and also classifies worth counting .

These machines have the number of coins quickly through a system composed of mechanical mechanism usually funnel-shaped rotating and other electronic measuring and counting the coins venturing some sections for each type of coin.

The electronic mechanism works with a small chip frequency is measured exactly the current that the currency of the oscillator, to determine if a valid coin or other object placed in each channel where you slide the same coin .

Ticket counters you can sort them in simple counters , counters and partitions and the most complex to date are the counters , banknote detector separators latter course by the complexity are the most expensive . At the same time can be small and portable.

These work by a mechanical mechanism composed of blades that are crushing the ticket one to one on a scanner that is indicating and classifying each currency while each group has them , usually have a type of currency selector .

The latter are often very sensitive and not very recommended for strong and sudden movements or movements , it is also recommended when they have to check a large number of tickets test the calibration of the machine .
Where to find them and more?

You will find them on the web to compare prices and specifications the most challenged and respondents in Spain are among others :
Detectalia.com , Safescan.com , Contadordebilletes.es , Twenga.es , Itinnovaciones.com , Consumer.com , Countermatic.es .

In case of mismatch repair usually have Internet or through telephone directories that are usually electronic technicians, that what they usually do is disassemble for cleaning and lubricating mechanical mechanisms , charging you the time spent on it.

In case of failure or malfunction repetitive call provider is recommended .

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