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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Where to get a coin counter ?

Coin counters and ticket machines are in many companies are essential in their work and to which we will devote a few minutes to learn more about them and Where to get them? .

Types and operations performed

There in the current market coin counting in this case the counter and sorter euro currency banknotes and counterfeit detector .

Let's talk about currency counters counters are divided into more complex and also classifies worth counting .

These machines have the number of coins quickly through a system composed of mechanical mechanism usually funnel-shaped rotating and other electronic measuring and counting the coins venturing some sections for each type of coin.

The electronic mechanism works with a small chip frequency is measured exactly the current that the currency of the oscillator, to determine if a valid coin or other object placed in each channel where you slide the same coin .

Ticket counters you can sort them in simple counters , counters and partitions and the most complex to date are the counters , banknote detector separators latter course by the complexity are the most expensive . At the same time can be small and portable.

These work by a mechanical mechanism composed of blades that are crushing the ticket one to one on a scanner that is indicating and classifying each currency while each group has them , usually have a type of currency selector .

The latter are often very sensitive and not very recommended for strong and sudden movements or movements , it is also recommended when they have to check a large number of tickets test the calibration of the machine .
Where to find them and more?

You will find them on the web to compare prices and specifications the most challenged and respondents in Spain are among others :
Detectalia.com , Safescan.com , Contadordebilletes.es , Twenga.es , Itinnovaciones.com , Consumer.com , Countermatic.es .

In case of mismatch repair usually have Internet or through telephone directories that are usually electronic technicians, that what they usually do is disassemble for cleaning and lubricating mechanical mechanisms , charging you the time spent on it.

In case of failure or malfunction repetitive call provider is recommended .

Thursday, October 17, 2013

What is recommended banking page when I need a loan?

In this case , advise and recommend, is a bit dificll , if anything can boast a Spanish bank , is their quality and information offered through their websites . The search for bank financing ( extended network ) offers attractive products such as payroll loans , instant credit or debt financing .

First recommendation on banking pages

We must differentiate the type of credit you want, if it is intended for consumption : buying furniture , a car, pay for our health , travel or pay something we urgently pressing. Depending on the destination , the characteristics and conditions change and the entity that should be addressed .

I need a loan , I want a loan without payroll

Well there are a variety to choose from, but selecting either (watch interest rates and terms ) , because there are many pages that offer quick money without salaries or loans and receivables or RAI ASNEF
Pages with immediate response

Aracat Group is an organization specializing in this type of loan . Just call and during the call you get the answer to the request .. Once accepted, the money will be entered in a maximum of 24 h.Puede choose to endorse the credit by a good or precious metals gold and silver (jewelry, teapots , cups , cutlery ) but have a defect , the only requirement is be sole owner and in the case of silver to ensure weight should be at least 1kg.

PrĂ©stamo10 is the brand owned by Creditclose Finance, SL It specializes in microloans to no more than 300 € ( no payroll fast loans or quick loans without papers) . The request can be made via online or by SMS . The data requested are: quantity ( multiples of 10 , maximum of 300 € ) , full name, ID number, sex, date of birth, address , zip code, email and bank account. The requirement (3) is not essential to have any registered debt credit default ASNEF and RAI or Equifax .
Banking is more demanding but less interest charges

You can get a quick loan without being rejected by a bank or get refinancing.

Fracciona , is an organization dedicated to SMEs and freelancers who want to offer their customers the ability to purchase through Fracciona loan . It has 6 modes: without interest (shopping), basic ( 3-60 months) , relax (cadence ) , hold (the client decides ), offset ( nterest preferential ) , mixed ( with or without interest) , fraciona 4.12 (percentage of and number of installments) .

Loans in Caja Madrid

Your product FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE , is a finance credit of up to 60,000 € .
You can choose the monthly charge per day . For consumer products have protected and Zero share two exciting financial services

Choose well your bank credit.

La Caixa Mortgages: three points for your product

La Caixa as cash is the best in the world and the strongest in Spain , diversified mortgage products as well talk about them pros .

La Caixa Mortgages pros

The mortgage loans called mortgage these days are more complicated than usual for problems caused by the crisis and factors as surplus property by defaults and foreclosures.

La Caixa offers mortgages with three strong points in its favor as interest rate to choose according to their preferences , fixed or variable.

You have a period of reduced fee paying interest only for 36 months and 24 subsequently distributed throughout the mortgage period called open mortgage .

Besides being able to choose between three types of mortgage loans, as the interest rate or fee.

In the Caixa we find a good option for mortgage subrogation housing developments financed by the state, because with the subrogation of the same will avoid the costs of search and creation of a new mortgage , appraisal costs , notary fees and agency , plus taxes constitution .

Subrogation should have the lowest market interest offered by any entity creditor change between 0 % and 1% on the outstanding principal .
Mortgages and recommendations

When hiring any type of mortgage , consult several banks taking time before taking any decision because the concepts and interests vary in coverage and timing.

Also by law today in Spain at any time you can renegotiate the mortgage with another bank with the sole problem of paying for the interest on the mortgage contract by way of subrogation.

The loan calculations either the Caixa or any other entity are based on the value of money that marks the Euribor which should make some , we recommend reviewing the best time to talk to the entity to be with better facilities .

The best deal you can find in any bank at the time of signing a mortgage is to purchase a building he owned and that have surpluses , to which put the best facilities in the market.

Spanish Bank credit : most interesting features and products

Banesto ( Banco Credit Spanish ) is ranked number three among the largest Spanish banks , having located its headquarters in Madrid (Avenida Gran Via de Hortaleza number 4) , and a total workforce of 6,093 employees spread across its offices , branches and companies.

Banesto Services

Banesto offers its services divided into three blocks as Banesto individuals, companies and Broker Banesto . Starting with :

Private Banesto

payroll Accounts
Credit cards / debit
Pension Plans
Banesto fidelity

Banesto companies

investment Services
external trade
Market analysis

Among the many services and financial products Banesto , you can highlight your payroll account as a gift offered to hire the service , a Sony 3D Internet TV of 32 inches.

The basic conditions to qualify for the gift offered with Banesto payroll account , logically payroll debit and three major bills or hiring a loan or a bank deposit term .

These types of promotions are released during a certain time or while supplies last , though the payroll account promotions are usually changing their offers and gifts on a regular basis .
Banesto Financial Products

Banesto put on the market various financial products such as term deposits . One of these is the tank Tablet PC , which is paid with a wi - fi iPad 3G for a fixed term of 18 months ( payment of interest in kind , not cash ) .

The Internet Banking Service of Banesto , offers a good condition Banesnet term deposits for one, two or six months, from 600 euros and a maximum of 50,000 euros ( to June 2011 ) , for clients that hire exclusively from the internet .

In paragraph Mortgages Banesto time offer the possibility of up to 30 years duration to purchase a home, with different modalities such as variable rate mortgage or fixed rate mortgage .

The bank Banesto, through its online platform , offers its clients a insurance comparator support online, in order to find the most suitable policy to the profile of each new policyholder