elshowdefusa: January 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Shapewear" revolution

I don't know if you've noticed that lately all lingerie firms have launched shapewear Collections. You can that some people don't know how or what I speak, but is simple: strips and other reducing garments.

In this obsession with look thinner everyday that dominates our society, it was rare that they weren't already a basic of our closet next to the push up bras or leggings with filling. The fact is that the belts have become but have changed name to one more commercial, and to what deceive us, a wonderful invention seems less "elder", and for all those who want to see more thin on specific occasions.

In addition, is not of the mythical braguitas-faja of Bridget Jones totally and absolutely unsightly (recall the scene in which Hugh Grant discovers them), but that along with this new name comes also a renovation in design. It must also take into account that the techniques have advanced and increasingly offer more convincing results.

To a large extent, its success is due to the firm Spanx, shapewear and the secret of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba or Beyonce, which already are confesas clients of Spanx. However, as can see that now we have more economic versions in stores such as Women' Secret or H&M.

The looks of the Isabel Marant x H&M party

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Although already 5 days ago that Isabel Marant for H & M collection was released (and sold out) in stores, is worth reviewing the elections of the Spanish celebrities at the event held in Madrid on the occasion of the launch of this. Faces more fresh and juvenile on the national scene came together at this party trying to take his side more trendy and it seems that all is not lost as to the style of our famous... or at least, not with all.

We started with three of the guests that looked perfect for the occasion. The model Laura Sánchez opted for a sober look with LBD, metallic clutch and hair collected. Juana Acosta was for me the best dressed: very suitable for the event with Marant clothing, was fantastic with Aztec jacket, waxed skinny and mythical designer fringed boots, without forgetting the touch of red on the lips. Leonor Watling was decanted by black blazer + stiletto heel giving the brilliant touch to the look with her blouse.

Many opted for hair wraps, some with more success than others. It wasn't bad Melanie Olivares with a basic look which gave prominence to the shelter. Similar was the attire of his partner Miren Ibarguren, but in his case erred with garments that not favored its silhouette. That Yes, Toni Acosta was the worst dressed with a coat that is not combined with that dress, and at the same time, the length of dress which not favored with the height of these boots, although they were the classic Marant.

Also opted for basic t-shirt and Dafne Fernández hair coat, but if you wanted to combine more trends in a same look that was perhaps a little excessive. Opposite that Ana Fernández, who sinned sosa with wide jersey, skirt with boots and flight. (Note: do not you get boots with skirt tail-hem!). His line, for better or for worse, Carmen Lomana opted for a very short LBD giving prominence to his jewels.

Now continue with another repeated trend: lace details. Natalia Verbeke risked not too with LBD + stiletto heel, which was not bad but would have been improved if you learn to pose as, for example, mª José Suárez - which was something Miss. This looked great with gray miniskirt and black blouse with transparencies. Kira Miró sinned over informality with a look that little favored its Super silhouette.

Some of the youngest wanted to show off legs with miniskirt. Malena Costa was not right with the combination of their garments and Ana Rujas was fantastic but too festive for the event, which featured a more informal tone. Not so Leticia Dolera, who knew how to adapt its metallic skirt to the occasion combined with basic t-shirt and boots.

Crashing error than Laura Pamplona with its mix of prints, skirt tube with oversize shirt and no snap. Silvia Alonso, on the other hand, captured the essence of the event with a successful look very Marant. Finally, the presenter Marta Fernández didn't want to fail and opted for a foolproof combination: LBD, red lipstick and leather jacket.
Do you think about the elections of our famous homelands for the event?

5 accessories that it is worth investing

Much refers to the famous "wardrobe"Fund and its essential items, but must not forget that add-ins can improve an infinite number of looks, providing them with such detail that transforms them. Therefore, today I present you the five most basic accessories that is worth investing.

1. Big black bag
A tote bag in large size, preferably skin black, will be your best ally for every day, allowing you to take with you everything you need without loosing an apex of glamour. The fact that black will do, in addition, you can combine it with practically all of your wardrobe.

2. The perfect skin belt
The belts are undervalued in its most basic aspect. It is common to see type sash in evening dresses, but for our daily looks, it may be very necessary and will allow us to play with clothes. For example, the detail leave half-sleeve on the inside and half outside can give a touch of chic to a basic look. I recommend that you choose it in black, beige or brown.

3. Black halls
In fact, this attachment is already included in all the lists of wardrobe. However, due to its importance it is worth highlight it. A black heel of round or square, tip between 5 and 10 cm heel (depending on what each a support), is perfect both for work as for party nights. Never stop a couple of black salons unused.

4. A metallic clutch
Either gold, silver, copper and precious stones, is the final touch for any party or cocktail look. You can combine with almost any evening dress or use it during the day to give a formal look, chic look. Its mission, as opposed to on the first bag suggested, is purely aesthetic, thought to contain only the most necessary.

5. The sunglasses
"" Sunglasses, not "The" sunglasses. There are many people that or if you want to the usa and for me are a complement to essential, capable of reversionar any styling. In my case, I confess I addicted and I have many different models, but I always end up using more black sunglasses that suit me best. In these is that it is worth investing: a model that fits our face type, alien trends and preferably black or metal frame to be able to include it in any look.
Do you already have all these basic? What you añadiríais?

A winter of flowers with Sheinside

Today I am going to talk about the floral winter trend, as I already anticipated in this other post. The stamped King of spring is installed in our closet to join us also for the colder days.

Shop online Sheinside, of which I already talked here, offers lots of possibilities to adapt it to our looks and give them a cheerful touch, so far something unusual at this time of the year.

I am an absolute fan of your printed shirts and I have already with this flower, what do you think?

And you do you fancy to fill your winter with flowers?

36 dresses for new year's Eve

The last night of the year is already almost here and many still don't have the outfit. If something is new years eve so special, is that it is the night in which more stylistic licenses cannot afford with that "is new year's Eve". However, I always recommend a limit: disguise which Lady Gaga by new year's Eve if the rest of the year no sales of the LBD, is not a good idea. If you are already a Lady Gaga the rest of the year, I have then come later. But anyway... go to the point: Here you have 36 options for new year's Eve dresses for everyone! And as always, low-cost.

Red is a classic of the new year's Eve, for what they say about that brings good luck. This year, Queen not only his most passionate version but that Bordeaux and garnets also abound in stores. You can opt for a style lady in this tone giving more night touch with paillettes, as proposed by Asos, or without leaving the store use the version more sexy. Nor is nothing wrong incorporate it into floral print Boohoo style I love!

If Red is a classic of the new year's Eve, the black is a basic overnight in itself. In dresses with sequins or precious stones, such as Stradivarius or River Island details make highlight to dress, but in other more discrete used add-ins to add the festive touch. Noteworthy is the mono option rather than length of Pull and Bear, an original and successful idea at the same time. Ah! And dress from H & M I show you here is identical to that I lucí new year's Eve last year, only mine was blue klein and was then Stradivarius who launched it.

As he anticipated, new year's Eve we cannot afford more licenses and even to some is the only night that dare with metallic and sequin. If you're from that, make the night! And but, remember that the key with these items is to use few accessories and discrete to not be the Christmas tree. Boxer girl, the version I love disk from Nasty Gal.

You might want to get out of the classics and resorting to vibrant shades. You anticipate that it is more difficult to find dresses in bright colors at this time, but I have already done part of the work. In version by Topshop sequins for the more risky, with animal print and pin-up by Boohoo aires or rabidly female with the options of Asos and Oh my love: you choose how to give color to your new year's Eve.

The most romantic are lucky, and is against than usual, this year the soft shades are trend and abound in stores. As romantic as the colors are most of the designs of these tones, though some break the canons with pink sequins, as this fantastic dress Mint & Berry or metallic skirt and lace details, as proposed by Nasty Gal to give a more sensual air.

Finally, that you have the most elegant parties or simply want to take the opportunity to go long, this is the best time of year to find great variety of dresses maxi. This is just a small selection that combines sequins - Boohoo-, red - Mango - transparencies - H & M-, metallic - Bershka-, side slit and color - Lipsy - or, again, an alternative that I love: the monkey with wide pants - Bershka.

And you would have already prepared the outfit? I confess that I do not, but is likely to be one of these! Have I given good ideas?

Christmas beauty with The Body Shop

Today I want to talk about my latest acquisitions of The Body Shop. You know that I am a devotee of this firm, I love its sweet smells, the quality of its products and its brand philosophy.

As usual, they have launched new products for Christmas and you can not miss you them. This post will tell you what I've been able to prove, but I invite you to that can give you a tour of the web since they have Christmas packs with beautiful designs from €6!

We start off with makeup. On the one hand, I have found his Quartet of shadow effect smoked cobrizos-marrones tones. Precisely these tones are what I use when I do smokey eyes, because the black dwarfs me eyes. They pigment divinely and Illuminator, especially, loved. On the other hand, I already wrote here of the lipstick Colour Crush and my new acquisition is 130 tone, a soft and discreet rose as great as the other shades of the line.

On the other hand, I also spoke last year of two of its limited edition Christmas this year have been repeated. I confess that in September I sent an email to The Body Shop asking if they were going to relaunch the lotion with glitter Vanilla Bliss because I love it! I would say that it is my favorite of The Body Shop, along with tea tree pore reducer. Of this, I told that it is a moisturizer of the delicious smell of vanilla with a touch of glitter.

The other repeated Christmas lines are Blueberry and ginger. This time have created a spectacular packaging with some of its products in the form of Christmas House. She is so pretty that I will use to store jewellery when you are finished products. It includes the body butters and gels of both lines together with a tassel of bath. It is a perfect gift for only €22 and part of the profits will be allocated to build schools in Ghana, Honduras, Nepal and India.

Finally, I tried enlightening Radiance pearls, for these holidays be bright and perfect to combine with the lotion of glitter, along with soft synthetic hair Kabuki brush.
To me The Body Shop got me hooked... Last year I turned to them for several Christmas presents and this time I will repeat. What you think about the Christmas of The Body Shop?