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Sunday, January 26, 2014

5 accessories that it is worth investing

Much refers to the famous "wardrobe"Fund and its essential items, but must not forget that add-ins can improve an infinite number of looks, providing them with such detail that transforms them. Therefore, today I present you the five most basic accessories that is worth investing.

1. Big black bag
A tote bag in large size, preferably skin black, will be your best ally for every day, allowing you to take with you everything you need without loosing an apex of glamour. The fact that black will do, in addition, you can combine it with practically all of your wardrobe.

2. The perfect skin belt
The belts are undervalued in its most basic aspect. It is common to see type sash in evening dresses, but for our daily looks, it may be very necessary and will allow us to play with clothes. For example, the detail leave half-sleeve on the inside and half outside can give a touch of chic to a basic look. I recommend that you choose it in black, beige or brown.

3. Black halls
In fact, this attachment is already included in all the lists of wardrobe. However, due to its importance it is worth highlight it. A black heel of round or square, tip between 5 and 10 cm heel (depending on what each a support), is perfect both for work as for party nights. Never stop a couple of black salons unused.

4. A metallic clutch
Either gold, silver, copper and precious stones, is the final touch for any party or cocktail look. You can combine with almost any evening dress or use it during the day to give a formal look, chic look. Its mission, as opposed to on the first bag suggested, is purely aesthetic, thought to contain only the most necessary.

5. The sunglasses
"" Sunglasses, not "The" sunglasses. There are many people that or if you want to the usa and for me are a complement to essential, capable of reversionar any styling. In my case, I confess I addicted and I have many different models, but I always end up using more black sunglasses that suit me best. In these is that it is worth investing: a model that fits our face type, alien trends and preferably black or metal frame to be able to include it in any look.
Do you already have all these basic? What you añadiríais?

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