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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Christmas beauty with The Body Shop

Today I want to talk about my latest acquisitions of The Body Shop. You know that I am a devotee of this firm, I love its sweet smells, the quality of its products and its brand philosophy.

As usual, they have launched new products for Christmas and you can not miss you them. This post will tell you what I've been able to prove, but I invite you to that can give you a tour of the web since they have Christmas packs with beautiful designs from €6!

We start off with makeup. On the one hand, I have found his Quartet of shadow effect smoked cobrizos-marrones tones. Precisely these tones are what I use when I do smokey eyes, because the black dwarfs me eyes. They pigment divinely and Illuminator, especially, loved. On the other hand, I already wrote here of the lipstick Colour Crush and my new acquisition is 130 tone, a soft and discreet rose as great as the other shades of the line.

On the other hand, I also spoke last year of two of its limited edition Christmas this year have been repeated. I confess that in September I sent an email to The Body Shop asking if they were going to relaunch the lotion with glitter Vanilla Bliss because I love it! I would say that it is my favorite of The Body Shop, along with tea tree pore reducer. Of this, I told that it is a moisturizer of the delicious smell of vanilla with a touch of glitter.

The other repeated Christmas lines are Blueberry and ginger. This time have created a spectacular packaging with some of its products in the form of Christmas House. She is so pretty that I will use to store jewellery when you are finished products. It includes the body butters and gels of both lines together with a tassel of bath. It is a perfect gift for only €22 and part of the profits will be allocated to build schools in Ghana, Honduras, Nepal and India.

Finally, I tried enlightening Radiance pearls, for these holidays be bright and perfect to combine with the lotion of glitter, along with soft synthetic hair Kabuki brush.
To me The Body Shop got me hooked... Last year I turned to them for several Christmas presents and this time I will repeat. What you think about the Christmas of The Body Shop?

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