elshowdefusa: "Shapewear" revolution

Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Shapewear" revolution

I don't know if you've noticed that lately all lingerie firms have launched shapewear Collections. You can that some people don't know how or what I speak, but is simple: strips and other reducing garments.

In this obsession with look thinner everyday that dominates our society, it was rare that they weren't already a basic of our closet next to the push up bras or leggings with filling. The fact is that the belts have become but have changed name to one more commercial, and to what deceive us, a wonderful invention seems less "elder", and for all those who want to see more thin on specific occasions.

In addition, is not of the mythical braguitas-faja of Bridget Jones totally and absolutely unsightly (recall the scene in which Hugh Grant discovers them), but that along with this new name comes also a renovation in design. It must also take into account that the techniques have advanced and increasingly offer more convincing results.

To a large extent, its success is due to the firm Spanx, shapewear and the secret of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba or Beyonce, which already are confesas clients of Spanx. However, as can see that now we have more economic versions in stores such as Women' Secret or H&M.


  1. Vera Wang Love Collection just in time for Valentines day. #VeraWang



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